The Scholarship Fund

The members of the committee and the Board of Directors wish to thank those who contribute to the scholarship fund.  We are proud to say that your continued support has given countless students the chance to acquire an education in Supply Chain and Logistics studies. With your help, students are able to go to the school of their choice and continue to have a quality education.


“I am an Industrial Engineering student at Georgia Tech who is currently interning in the transportation solutions department of UPS working with third party logistics. Due to my work in the transportation industry, I was nominated for, and able to receive, a scholarship from the Transportation Club of Atlanta at their scholarships award dinner. This was a wonderful opportunity for me, as the scholarship money will go towards paying my tuition, and I’m very grateful for all the work the Transportation Club put in to help myself and all of the other interns who were given this award.” – Matthew Owens
“I can’t thank the Transportation Club of Atlanta enough for the intern scholarship and helping me to further my education. Logistics is becoming increasingly more important, and opportunities like this are of great value to all students. Thank you for your continued support of students like myself and the growing program at Georgia College.” – Creighton Perme
“Thank you so much for awarding me the Transportation Club of Atlanta Scholarship. I am truly honored to receive the scholarship, and I am thankful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of transportation and logistics. As a Senior at Georgia College and State University, this scholarship will help alleviate student debt, as well as go towards career fair fees and membership fees as I continue to seek a career in the field of transportation. Thanks again!” – Griffin Smith


On behalf of all of the students you have helped in the past and those you will help in the future, we extend our heartfelt thanks.






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